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"The Elsa and Noelle Canine Medical Fund" 
for Our Rescued Animals in Need

Elsa Cote

​The Elsa and Noelle Canine Medical Fund is named for two beloved members of the North of Boston Animal Rescue family, Elsa Cote and Noelle Sanphy.  Both Elsa and Noelle were rescued from harsh beginnings.  Elsa, a former racing greyhound retired and put up for adoption Natalie and Steve Cote fell in love with Elsa just as much as Elsa fell in love with her mom and dad, Natalie and Steve.

From Elsa's family...

"We adopted Elsa when she was 3 years old.  She was a retired racer, our 3rd and she was absolutely precious.  The kennel manager told us she was an 'insecure baby' and she was completely right.  Elsa loved people, but didn't like other dogs.  She loved to be loved.  She loved going on walks, rides in the car, and spending time with us.  She'd lay on the couch and stare at us like we were angels on Earth. Her big brown eyes would glow with love.  She had so much love to give and at the same time, she was a love sponge.  She had many health issues throughout her life.  She was a real trooper and survivor. She received the best care we could find her, she lived to be 12 years old when we lost her to Lymphoma.  We know first hand how much it can cost to help our animals live as healthy as a life as they can live.  We are honored to have her name as part of this fund and help other dogs to live healthy lives with their angels on Earth."  -Natalie Cote 

Natalie and Steve are the parents of Tommy another rescued Greyhound, their 4th, the parents of Niki one of our rescue alum, a Beagle and hound mix saved from euthanasia at a shelter in North Carolina. They have been strong supporters, generous donors, adopters, and advocates for animal welfare.  We are honored that Natalie and Steve Cote made a very generous donation to help our rescue start this medical fund for canines in need.  We felt it was the perfect way to also honor and thank Natalie and Steve by including the memory of their beloved Elsa along with our beloved  Noelle.  Both are deeply missed, but never forgotten. 

Please come back tomorrow Dec 3rd to read more about the fund, ways it will help our dogs in rescue, and about our beloved Noelle and her story from an abused Mississippi hound, to our sweet baby girl.  

Noelle Sanphy