North of Boston Animal Rescue Inc.

"Specialists in the Art of Tail Wagging"​ TM

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To make a donation to help homeless, abused, and neglected animals in our care, please click on the PayPal Donation Button above.  One hundred percent 100% of every donation (after PayPal fees) goes directly to help animals in need, that are not always covered by our adoption fee alone.  On behalf of the animals and family of North of Boston Animal Rescue, Inc., we thank you so much for your very generous donation.

 * $10.00 provides 3 days of medication for one dog to be dewormed

* $20.00 provides  5 days of medication for one dog with Giardia

* $30.00 provides 10 days of medication for one dog with Coccidia

* $50.00 provides 2 adult dogs with FROMM dog food and water for 1 month

* $80.00 provides a neuter for one male dog

* $120.00 provides a spay for one female dog

* $150.00 provides transportation for one dog or puppy to N.H.

* $200.00 provides veterinary exams for four dogs (this is exam only)

* $300.00 provides boarding for 30 days for one dog

* $500.00 provides one dog with life-saving heart worm treatment 

We are a 100% all volunteer rescue, licensed by the State of NH Department of Agriculture #1447 and we are registered with the Secretary of State as a Not-for Profit Corporation.  Without your support we could not help as many animals get out of shelters and into loving forever homes.  The animals and all of us at North of Boston Animal Rescue, Inc., thank you!