North of Boston Animal Rescue Inc.

"Specialists in the Art of Tail Wagging"​ TM

Information About Adoption

We are a small rescue located on the beautiful Seacoast of Southern, New Hampshire.  Our adoption process is not to find just an adopter, but the ideal match for each of our rescued canine companions.  We work hard to find the right match, not just for our rescues, but for you and or your family as well.   The following should help you understand the process and what we are looking for in potential adopters; 

  1. A phone interview to discuss adoption and why you feel a particular canine in our rescue is the one your interested in.  
  2. If we feel this could be an "Ideal Match", we will email you an application for pre-approval.
  3. We will set-up a "Meet and Greet", all members of the home, including other dogs, this is a must for compatibility (unless there are extenuating circumstances, please let us know).​​  If all goes well and we feel this is a great match, we ask that you prepare your home for your new family member and set a date to finalize the adoption within 48 hours.
  4. We are "NOT" a boarding facility and cannot hold our rescues for adoption for longer than two days from the "Meet and Greet".  Rescues in need of homes will only be held with a non-refundable deposit of $100.00.  The deposit will be deducted from the balance due from your adoption donation.   
  5. We do our best to try and answer as many questions about the rescue canine you are interested in adopting, but please remember that most will not come with a medical history other than that obtained by our attending vets through testing and examinations.  The knowledge of what breed(s) a canine in our care is, is based on physical traits that appear to be most dominate.  This is only a best estimate made by a vet and NBAR, Incorporated's Director of Rescue Operations.  Please keep this in mind, especially with young puppies as their appearance may change over time with maturity.  
  6. "Real Life Behavior Testing".  During their stay with us, and or their foster homes prior to coming into our rescue in New Hampshire, the best efforts are made to expose them to a variety of real life situations that are most likely to occur in the day to day living environment of a home.  Some examples of these exposures are, being with other dogs, cats, vacuum cleaners, garbage disposals, dishwashers, T.V., radios, walking on a leash, doing stairs, outdoor environmental exposures (e.g. wildlife, inclement bad weather (if in our care) like reactions to thunder, high winds, etc....), food guarding, treat/toy guarding issues, gentleness, ability to tolerate certain actions young children would possibly make (e.g. jumping, talking loudly, crying, rough play)  We don't adopt to people whose children are not well behaved and who believe animals should tolerate tail pulling, playing dress-up, ear tugging, pony like rides, or being chased by a child.   If you are one of these parents, then we recommend the following: parenting classes to teach you how to teach your child limits and boundaries, a Barbie or baby doll for dress up, horse back riding lessons, and last, but not least a gold fish preferably set up high away from your child's reach!  We love children, and have children as well.  Each has been taught from the start that animals have both physical and emotional feelings.  Animals feel pain and suffer from loneliness, anxiety, and depression just like people.  Caring, kindness, and compassion is the key to earning an animals trust, and that like us, they are family and family is forever!  

Our Adoption Requirements

We have researched many reasons why animals end up homeless, neglected, and abused.  There are some scientific studies and research that support adopter's age, financial inability to care for an animal, home-ownership vs. renting, lack of or no humane education, drug and alcohol addiction, as well as certain criminal behavior is sometimes a direct link to homelessness, neglect, and abuse of animals. Our choice to adopt under the following criteria is to greatly reduce an animals chance that they will be returned to rescue, not suffer neglect, and or abuse ever, or ever again.  The safety, health, and well-being of animals in our rescue is our first priority.

  • Must be at least 24 years of age or older
  • Own your home, or have been leasing for a minimum of two years with lease stating canines are allowed in the lease or bylaws.
  • Have fenced in yard, e-fencing, or kennel with proper shading, access to food and water.  No chains or Tie Outs!  Dogs must be kept indoors except for relieving themselves, exercise, and fresh air.  Dogs kept outside in dangerous weather conditions is considered neglect, and or abuse.
  • Must not have been convicted, fined, or arrested in connection with a felony, violent crime, domestic violence, any crime  against a companion animal or other protected species under the law whether by State or Federal law, drugs, and or alcohol related crime or abuse (drug and alcohol crimes older than 5 years will be decided on a case by case basis).
  • North of Boston Animal Rescue, Incorporated reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant, at any point in the adoption process if it is deemed not in the best interest, safety, and or well-being of the animal(s) to be adopted.  
  • Once a rescued canine is part of the North of Boston Animal Rescue, Inc., family, he/she is a member for life and it is our hope that each adopter understands why we ask that if an adoption does not work out, the dog is returned to us.  If the dog becomes ill, and for financial reasons you cannot afford treatment, please contact us, so we can do what we can to help you and your canine companion stay together.  If the day comes that you should pass before your dog, please make provisions in your will for your companion animals.  If no family member or very close friend that you trust cannot provide for your adopted canine companion from our rescue, please write our rescue is to receive and take over custody of said adoptee.

We appreciate your interest in adoption, and hope you understand that our criteria and requirements are strictly for the safety and well-being of the animals that come into our rescue.  We feel God has given us a great honor in helping these amazing animals.  To do any less, would not be who I am and who God, individuals, and or fellow rescuers have put their trust into to help their animals find loving, patient, and compassionate families to care for them.

Thank you!

Diandra E. Sanphy

Co-Founder and President of North of Boston Animal Rescue, Inc.